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Michael Dunne
Rathmolyon, Co.Meath

My wife and I were delighted with the service David provided to us. We were looking to get planning to build our own home and David looked after all of our soil testing and land surveying. He even came back to mark out our foundations after we received planning.

Highly recommended.

Deborah Moran
Athy, Co.Kildare

We were going for planning and I hadn`t got a clue what a percolation test even was! We called a couple of numbers that my husband found online and David was one of them. The price he gave us was very competitive and he was very easy to talk to. He explained the whole process and was even able to include the excavator and water in his price. I`d gladly recommend him to anyone.

Thomas Pickett
Athlone, Co.Westmeath

Great service.

I called David to come out and do our percolation test and our sight line survey. Keen price and very prompt service.

No problem recommending him.

1. Site Suitability Assessments (Percolation Test)

We offer Site Suitability Assessments (Percolation Tests) to EPA code of practice 2009 standard for planning applications and upgrades of existing wastewater treatment systems.

We also offer system inspections to people concerned about the new EPA Wastewater Treatment registration and standards required of your system.

Our Engineers are all covered by Full Professional Indemnity Insurance and have completed the EPA/FAS "Site Suitability On-Site Wastewater" course.

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2. Soakway Test to BRE Digest 365 Standards

A BRE Digest 365 test is carried out to determine the volume required for a rainwater or stormwater soakaway. In Ireland now, a lot of the County Councils require a BRE Digest 365 test to be carried and submitted with your PLANNING APPLICATION.

In recent years, soakaways have been used within urban, fully-sewered areas to limit the impact on discharge of new upstream building works and to avoid costs of sewer upgrading outside a development. Soakaways are seen increasingly as a more widely APPLICABLE option alongside other means of stormwater control and disposal. Soakaways must store the immediate stormwater run-off and ALLOW for its efficient infiltration into the adjacent soil. They must discharge their stored water sufficiently quickly to provide the necessary capacity to receive run-off from a subsequent storm.

The time taken for discharge depends upon the soakaway shape and size, and the surrounding soil’s infiltration characteristics. They can be constructed in many different forms and from a range of materials.

Contact David on 087 663 6757 or

SUDS (Sustainable Drainage Systems)
Several local authorities have recently introduced new policies regarding drainage. The policies include a commitment to the use of SuDS (Sustainable Drainage Systems) which are now required on all new developments both public and private. The use of SUDS (Sustainable Drainage Systems) is now compulsory in the Dublin Region and this is spreading to other parts of the country. SUDS (Sustainable Drainage Systems) bring enormous benefits in terms of stormwater control, prevention of flooding, removal of pollutants and provision of amenities to local communities. It is unlikely that the water quality requirements of the EU’s Water Framework Directive can be met without greatly increased use of SuDS systems. SUDS (Sustainable Drainage Systems) will bring benefits to developers as well as to the public. Now that the need for stormwater control is accepted, these techniques can be adopted at little or no additional cost. SuDS need to be incorporated at the planning and design stage of a development rather than being included as an afterthought. SuDS offer developers more tools for meeting their stormwater control obligations in a way that can also enhance the quality of developments. Public awareness is also an important factor in ensuring the successful implementation of sustainable drainage practices.

We can use the BRE Digest 365 testing model to design a SUDS (Sustainable Drainage Systems) for you project.

3. Planning Assessments & Land Surveys

Topographical Surveys
Most developments will require some level of site survey in order to establish levels, boundaries etc. We have carried out many site surveys over the years ranging from small surveys to facilitate on-off extensions and single dwelling developments to detailed 3D road surveys, to large surveys covering hundreds of acres.

Legal Mapping
As the cost of land becomes more valuable, the general public is becoming more aware of their boundaries and the need to have them correctly registered. We prepare legal maps suitable for property Registration Authority registration. These can be for first registration, sub-division of a land parcel,housing estate scheme maps or simply aid in the resolution of a boundary dispute between neighbours.

The advent of RTK GPS allows us to coordinate all of our surveys to Irish National Grid and more recently the new ITM projection that is replacing Irish Grid. It also allows us to relate all levels to Ordnance Survey datum points (benchmarks). This in turn facilitates the easy overlay of digital OS data to show surrounding detail when ultimate accuracy is not required.

Site Engineering
Over the years we have become a main provider of setting out services for a number of construction companies allowing all components of a development to be positioned correctly, saving both time and money. All aspects are covered ranging from crude marking out of foundations to millimetre accurate positioning on large steel-frame structures and the installation of multi-storey control networks.. We also  provide an as-constructed survey service or the taking in-charge of schemes by local authorities or the checking of sub-contractor build quality.